Dark Summoner

1.09.09 for Android

Become a dark Summoner!



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Dark Summoner is a game in which you are a Summoner which will need to face off other summoners throughout the game to fight for the control of the world that is at its collapse. Of course you will not do this on your own, you will have the help of more the 700 other creatures that you can create and call on.

The combat in general is very simple, you will only need to select the formation of your monsters (that will be able to have different attributes, skills and abilities) so when the battle starts it will be resolved quickly.

After every victory you reach, you will receive points that will give you more money and skills, that will allow you to make your monsters stronger and better for the next battles that are to come. Or so you can summon even more monsters!

One of the main points of Dark Summoner is that you will be play co-op with your friends to fight your enemies. That way you will be able to work and pull together with all you have with other players to reach a common goal.

Dark Summoner is a game with similarities to trading card games, it has a very simple game play that is fun, and its visually appealing that will leave you with your mouth open!
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